Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Who do you know?


So, you’ve been using the power of YES to reach out to people. That’s positive networking and it is key to finding a new job. It’s all about who you know. How many applications have you sent into companies with no response? Some people have sent 100’s.  You must get in front of the hiring managers and LinkedIn is a great place to do that.  How to find more people to connect to?

1.     Research companies within a commutable radius of your home.

2.     Find the hiring managers at those companies and send them a connect.  Most people are nice and will accept a connection. 

3.     Follow up with a quick elevator pitch about you. 

This may not always work but it’s a quicker way to get in front of Manager/Director/VP than going through their application process.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

The power of YES... and


When I’m recruiting on social media, I’ll ask for someone to connect to me and if I can send the job description. Occasionally, I get a NO. It doesn’t happen that often but when it does, I think about the power of YES. You can open your network, develop more friends, meet your new boss with YES.

Think about this - If you’re not interested and happy in your job you can always say, “Yes, please send it, although, I'm  currently very happy at my job.” Who knows the job could be an amazing fit if not you just made a new connection/friend. Use YES, and.

By using YES, and - It keeps the connection open and creates a positive interaction.  Positive YES networking can get you a job, a spouse, a new friend, a business associate. It opens your world to new people and ideas.  Say YES.

Monday, July 31, 2023

New Adventure


Montana was amazing! I came home refreshed and ready to work. New and exciting things are on the horizon for Ankenbrandt. After over 40 years recruiting Dave will be retiring by the end of the year. He will still be available for special project work!

I have a great business development teammate on board to work on our Tampa Bay business– Lily Salem. We work together at Career Bright.  You'll find her at a few business events all over Tampa as well as reaching out to new CA, TX and TN companies!  We also have Mark McKay on board handling all Operations – all the stuff I’m bad at like programing phones and fixing computers. He created our new logo!  Amanda will still handle all our accounting and billing.  We’re off and running to an exciting new adventure.

Looking forward to the company's future.

Monday, May 8, 2023



Wow! I’m blessed that had a great year last year both with my business and personally.  The business had a good start to 2023. Now I’m sitting in a slump – my flow is gone. I tried to work harder, create new approaches to recruiting and just push hard. Still no flow. Getting out on the boat over the weekend was relaxing but still no flow. So, all the trying to attempt to create flow- it’s not working.  My solution - I’m going on vacation. I feel like I should still be slugging away at work, but the Universe seems to be telling me it’s time for me to take time off and chill. So, off I go to an island for some rest and relaxation. I’ve found real downtime energizes me. 

Looking forward to reenergizing and coming back to a great work flow! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2022



So, life moves on and things get back to normal.  It’s odd to say but they eventually do. Works is back to normal, daily life - pretty normal. 

I’ve learned these last few years to give lots of grace to myself and others. As we head into the holiday season remember to give grace. It doesn’t take much to be kind and gracious to others. 

Pass on the grace and have a very happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Salary Swing Dance


So, California passes a law stating as an employer you can’t ask salary history which is supposed to protect the future employees from losing money and unfair discriminating practices. From my understanding the company can ask salary expectations. Most people believe that it’s against the law for me to ask salary expectations.   I’m a recruiter working with multiple companies and a variety of salary ranges. I’m also not the employer.  The CA rule has been making difficult for recruiting due to this misunderstanding. 

It’s like this weird salary dance between candidates and me.  I’m the in between – the person negotiating to make both parties happy, the company and the candidate with the offer. Usually, I’ll get a range but occasionally the person won’t give me one which makes it awkward to work with them because every time I present a job it’s another guessing game and we're dancing around the salary. It's exhausting. 

Hey candidates, take advantage of a recruiter looking to negotiate a great salary for you – give them your expectations for salary! Keep it easy! They will get you more money.  It’s all in the same realm of questions we ask about, commuting, remote work, healthcare, vacation, salary etc. For a recruiter is just another item on our check list to make sure you take the offer – if you get an offer.

Monday, March 22, 2021


This last year has been a healing year and also a year of lots of firsts. I have an exciting new first –

Another new adventure!!

#Coaching invite! I missed mentoring so I just joined up with my friend @Ilyana Lily Salem’s business – Career Bright as a Career Advisor.

@Career Bright is a career accelerator brought to you by a team of experts dedicated to bringing insights to the path of job seekers based on their strengths.

I look forward to joining Lily who is excellent at resume writing, interview coaching. I will be heading up the mentoring/coaching for decision making as I LOVE to coach for career growth, pivot, or a new start. I excel at figuring out what you want to do so you _love_ your work.

Go to the website to see a list of services! We do amazing work with recent grads struggling in this Covid environment as well as professionals at all levels. Lately parents have been our best client by buying packages for their young professionals taking on extraordinary job seeker challenges.

Oh, and yes, I’m still recruiting with Dave – this extra bonus is just something I love to do and when the opportunity opened up I said YES!!

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