Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What Makes a Candidate Not Place-able

When trying to work with a search firm you may hear, “I can’t place you.” There are a variety of reasons why that may be true. Keep in mind that it’s not personal and you can still find a job but that specific recruiter can’t help you. Bottom line: the client is paying the recruiter a fee so they get exactly the person they want.

  • You are out of the recruiter’s specialized field
  • You want to move into a new job or industries – most of our clients want people straight out of their industry – they want the industry expert
  • You’ve job hopped too much. Clients don’t like to pay a fee for this type of background
  • You have no degree. In tech recruiting and some project manager jobs degrees don’t always matter but most of our clients want that basic skill
  • You have a very unusual background/skill sets that are niche