Monday, August 13, 2012

Rookie Mistake

I had a great morning – made breakfast, did two loads of laundry, swam laps in the pool, kissed the kids goodbye and went off to work. I felt like I conquered all my mommy duties and took some time for myself.  Well, good thing my morning made me feel like a rock star, because my day turned a bit sour.

A CFO I’d known for years asked to meet me for lunch in Cypress. I planned for traffic, about 45 minutes, and got caught in some, but I was still on time and feeling good.  I got close to my destination and started following the directions I printed off Google. Problem was, I hadn't read the directions before I left. They were completely off.

I was heading into Cypress to a restaurant off Katella and the directions had me behind the race track in some residential community. I kept on thinking Google had to be right but it wasn't. The search engine of all search engines has failed me. Thank goodness for GPS on my cell phone and a patient client. I finally arrived at the restaurant, but not without my wounded pride. I felt like I had made such a rookie mistake.  I mean, I know better – review the directions and the map before you get in the car. It's step one. 

So to all you candidates I've lectured over the years:  know where you’re going to interview and be on time. And feel free to call me with a  - I told you so!  

Next time, I’ll double check my directions and or ask for specific directions. 

(To make amends I did buy my client lunch and they asked me to come back in a few weeks to talk some more.  It all ended well and I got a refreshed lesson on planning ahead and knowing where you are going.)