Monday, September 15, 2014

Help A Friend

One of the great things about being a recruiter is making people happy and finding them a great new job. I work for my client (the company) and I talk to a lot of people. Not every candidate is happy with me because I can’t place everyone I talk to. This time, luck was on my side by placing a friend happily in a new job. I’m usually wary of working with friends because losing the friendship over a search gone sour would be horrible.   A friend is more valuable than the placement but this time it all felt right and ended up with a great result.

My friend had not been happy in her job. We’d talk on the blacktop at school (It’s a recruiter habit to keep tabs on what everyone does for a living) and her eyes never lit up when she talked about work. She’d recently transitioned to a new career and missed her old career. She needed a bigger challenge and wanted to get back to a corporate job. A few weeks later I took a job order and it was a great fit for her. It was perfect timing and a perfect fit. Her placement made me feel great because I know she’ll be happier at work which translates to a happier home-life too.  

We’ll be going to dinner soon to celebrate and I'm be excited to hear all about her new job. It’s a good day at the office when you can help a friend.