Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Work at Work

I don’t write about my kids much in here.  I realized that while at work I’m supposed to be working, not doing kid stuff, and I think that stretched into my writing. So, even though my world is split between work and the kids/family -  I mostly write about work.  Work at work is easier than mom at work most days.  Although a few weeks ago I was volunteering for the school Carnival and my kid’s life spilled into work.  I enjoyed it.  It was fun to combine work and the Carnival – it livened up my already busy day. Who doesn't love a good Carnival? 

This Monday on the other hand was the opposite, having home spill into work wasn't fun. Our oldest kid came down the flu - the kind no one wants to get because it's brutal.  I spent Monday nursing a sick kid and attempting to work because I needed to check references on a candidate I placed. Yes, the references could have waited one day, but that’s not my personality. When I say I’m going to get it done – I get it done.  So, Monday was spent 80% on my kid and 20% of the day getting my work done.  It wasn't perfect but it worked out.  He’s healthy now and the references are checked and tomorrow he’s off to his last 3 days of school. 

My Splitworld sometimes goes 80/20, 50/50 or 100% depending on the day but the good thing is I've finally realized that it's OK not to feel like I need to be at 100% at all times because I still get  it all done!  It may be a bit unconventional but it works for me and my family. 

Photo credit goes to my friend Christy  - **Christienne Grey Photography 1760 Monrovia, Studio A Costa Mesa, CA 92627www.ChristienneGrey.com