Monday, March 22, 2021


This last year has been a healing year and also a year of lots of firsts. I have an exciting new first –

Another new adventure!!

#Coaching invite! I missed mentoring so I just joined up with my friend @Ilyana Lily Salem’s business – Career Bright as a Career Advisor.

@Career Bright is a career accelerator brought to you by a team of experts dedicated to bringing insights to the path of job seekers based on their strengths.

I look forward to joining Lily who is excellent at resume writing, interview coaching. I will be heading up the mentoring/coaching for decision making as I LOVE to coach for career growth, pivot, or a new start. I excel at figuring out what you want to do so you _love_ your work.

Go to the website to see a list of services! We do amazing work with recent grads struggling in this Covid environment as well as professionals at all levels. Lately parents have been our best client by buying packages for their young professionals taking on extraordinary job seeker challenges.

Oh, and yes, I’m still recruiting with Dave – this extra bonus is just something I love to do and when the opportunity opened up I said YES!!

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