Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A PSA on Professional Profile Pictures

1. No bathroom 'selfies'. Please, for the sake of my sanity and your integrity, do not post pictures of yourself in the bathroom on any social media sites. Or - as a rule of thumb - avoid taking pictures of yourself in the bathroom period.

2. No visible phones or cameras. It's unprofessional and, really, no one cares to see what model phone you have. It's quick and easy to ask someone to take a picture of you and the result will be received much better.

3. Ladies - NO cleavage. Sit up straight and wear a sensible and work-appropriate shirt in your picture. Unless you're being considered for a position at Hooters, employers do not need to see that. 

4. No props. Played football in high school? Great - ditch the ball in the picture. Caught a prize winning bass? Good for you we don't need to see it unless you are a boat captain. When it comes to posting on a platform for professionals, those sort of accomplishments do not need to be highlighted in your profile picture.

5. Look happy. People respond well to smiling. Companies want content and fulfilled people working for them. Find or take a picture with something you love - your kids, you pets, your partner - and crop them out. The picture will convey genuine happiness while maintaining professionalism.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hugely Annoying Words: A Cease and Desist

*Disclosure - I am not a master at grammar nor do I profess to be an exceptional writer and a detailed communicator at all times or even at all!  What I do propose is I’m a bit nit-picky about these words and phrases.

1. Literally – the use of literally drives me literally nuts. Adults and kids use it constantly and in the most annoying ways. Can we all try to quit, literally, using it?

2. Just say’in - It is the way to say something negative and get away with it because you were just say’in? How about owning up to what you said instead of just say’in

3. It’s all good! –When did you’re welcome turn into it’s all good? Are people embarrassed to just say you are welcome when someone says thank you – is it too formal?  It’s all good seems to me like they are being put out with whatever they did for you and by saying it’s all good makes them feel better. It’s like they really weren’t happy when they held that door open for you or possibly helped you with a project but no really, it’s all good – just say’in.