Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Recipe For A New Job

This Recipe works for getting a new job. It’s worked over and over again for candidates I’ve worked with over the years. If they worked The Recipe they all got new jobs. One of them, DJ,  got a job for 100K more than he was making at his prior job. The Recipe works.  In fact it works so well that I repeat The Recipe so often I decided it needs to go up on my blog. Now I can just say, “Go to my blog.” 

1. Your resume must be unique and tailored to the job your want to find not the job you have now.

2. The top ½ of your resume is your real estate – treat it well and put all the stuff you do that corresponds to the job you want up there. Use bullets of info – don’t use sentences, it’s old fashioned – go with short bullets of information. 

3. Stop going to networking meetings where there are only unemployed people. You can get more done in 15 minutes on social media sites talking to employed people – network there and meet people you don’t know but need to.

4. Snail mail (USPS) your resume to the hiring manager, not HR. Find the name of the person on the net. Also, mail your thank you follow up notes. No one gets mail anymore so it’s become a novelty, which makes it interesting. 

5. Join a non-profit that is out of your normal network and has a great board of directors. Then, participate.  You’ll meet good people and broaden your network.  

6. While you are at the networking meeting, the grocery, the mall, talk to anyone within 2 feet of you.  Strike up a conversation.  They might know someone that needs to hire you.  

Now start cooking!