Monday, September 12, 2011


Last Thursday I was distracted from work because I was waiting for feedback on an interview. (For those of you who get anxious waiting for interview feedback, I feel your pain!) I usually have the discipline to continue to work, but I couldn’t focus and I was checking Facebook - a lot. I took a long lunch while reading the Wall Street Journal, but still had time to kill. So what did I do when I got back to my desk - checked Facebook!

In the past, did we hang out at the coffee pot waiting for a co-worker to stop by, visit the receptionist, pace the halls, clean the ever messy desk or call a few random friends? I can’t remember. Facebook has become my social hub and go-to spot when I need a distraction. Will Google+ start being of interest to me now, too?

I do know that with all our instant communication ability, it’s tough to wait for people to get back to you but interviews do take time and my patience was being tested. The interview worked out, everyone was pleased and he’s moving forward in the process. 

(But seriously, what did we do before Facebook?)