Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Working with Recruiters

Last week a CFO candidate called me about a job opportunity, great guy, good skill set but he came out of the wrong industry for my client. When I told him he may not work for my current client he got angry, frustrated and said my client didn’t know what he is doing.

I don’t like to waste time. As a recruiter, I work on commission and I am talking to you because you've been referred and I respect all my referrals or I found you and I think you maybe a fit. I prefer to talk to people who I think I can place either now or in the future. If at the end of our conversation if it's not a match for our current client we may have another one down the road. Plus you don’t know all the requirements for the job. We typically give you some of them but hold back on releasing all the information because it’s confidential. So please don’t get angry, frustrated or resentful. You can use me as a great networking contact and a resource for information.

Bottom line, the client, the company paying us, is who I work for and I may have to tell you no. Remember when you are job hunting you will hear a lot of no’s before you hear a yes. The yes will come.