Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Filling the Silence with Chatter

In these times of texting, instant messaging, reality TV, basically information/media everywhere we forget to stop talking and stop texting, just be quiet. Quit filling the silence with chatter. It’s OK to take a moment to think, it’s OK not to disclose all of your quirks, it’s OK not to friend someone on Facebook. Here are a few interviewin/networking tips in this age of sharing too much information:
  • During an interview answer the questions asked with a direct, honest and concise response.
  • Don’t volunteer excess information. If you have a tendency to talk a lot, focus on keeping your mouth shut in between your concise answers. Actually listen to the question, focus on what the interviewer is saying.
  • Don’t Facebook, LinkedIn, or MySpace people you’ve just met. In this instantaneous age not everyone is your friend. “Open networking” is collecting people. It’s OK to be an open networker, but collect quality not quantity. Take a bit more time to get to know the people you are networking with. It’s about relationships, not how many “friends” you have.
  • Think before you speak, email, text, etc. Don’t give a knee jerk response when conducting business - you might regret it.
  • Don’t use texting jargon when speaking or writing. Always use proper English during an interview and any correspondence during the process.