Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Multitasking Mama shops while working

I read an article about sitting too much and the blogger doing business while hiking instead of sitting.

Now, Hiking during a business meeting is serious multitasking and it got me thinking about how much I multitask. I multitask often and in fact I had a multitasking lunch today. I needed some warmer clothes since the temperature out here in sunny SoCal is below 60 degrees and I’m freezing.

Problem, I hate to shop.  

A few weeks ago a friend of the firm, Ralphie, asked me to meet him at South Coast Plaza for a business meeting/shopping trip. At first I thought he was crazy, who shops while working? But I went ahead and met him. I would never have thought that you can combine a trip to the mall and business, but it worked. Meeting at the mall is so convenient! Yeah you’re all thinking duh, but seriously I hate to shop and I avoid malls at all cost. 

So, today being cold won out and I did it again. I met one of my clients at the Nordstrom cafĂ©. We ate, chatted about business, and I got my clothing! It seems so simple but I like simple and I like multitasking. I’m thinking maybe even the hiking while working thing could work for me. I should add it to my multitasking repertoire. I walk every morning and maybe one of these weeks I can incorporate a business meeting in my daily walk! Be warned: I do walk far and fast!