Wednesday, January 14, 2015

RESUMES are NOT: Half-truths ● Lies ● Fabrications ● Deceits● Misrepresentations ● Inaccuracies

Resumes are marketing tools to use to find a job. They are supposed to highlight how your skills will benefit a potential employer. It’s okay to change the resume to highlight your real skills and move them around in order of importance for a particular employer. Crafting a well written resume is a good thing; lying on a resume is not. Keep in mind that everyone checks the internet and Googles your background. Most employers check Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.They will find what you are lying about.

Employers also do extensive background checks and will find any holes in your background that you have not disclosed. Employers may forgive a skipped job that only lasted a few months on a resume but they will rarely forgive that lack of disclosure on an employment application.   Treat applications like the legal documents they are.