Wednesday, May 20, 2020

My blog over the years has been a combination of my personal life and my work life. They’ve always collided. In February they blew up. My husband and business partner, Scott, passed away. It was sudden, unexpected, and fast.  He left a hole in our hearts and at our firm. He’s been greatly missed.  

Right after Scott died, we went into this Covid-19 madness and lock down. There was no celebration of his life with family flying in – everything got cancelled.   I have teens in mourning unable to do normal stuff, like going to school or a movie or a theme park. All this, on top of us grieving their dad’s death it’s too much. Daily I hear from the media and read in the paper we’re all in this together.

We’re not.

We all might be in one big storm but the ships we are sailing in are all different. Our ship is running but very battered. Why bring this up? Even as we are opening up the economy for business, I’m seeing, and hearing people get angry. Store clerks lashing out, people are yelling at each other about masks and standing too close, people giving total strangers unsolicited Covid-19 medical advice -  it’s gotten nutty. I’d like to remind everyone that some of us have had more than a Covid-19 strike. 

Be kind. Be patient. Be forgiving. As my Dad always says, “This too shall pass.”