Monday, November 8, 2010

Tapped Out!

A sick kid on Friday, the Dad off at football commitments all weekend, a football award celebration leading to a trip to Chuck E. Cheese (or as we fondly call it Chuck E Sleaze), a long hike through a nature preserve has found me on Monday morning, pretty darn tired. When my co-worker actually told me I need to eat more chocolate, you know I’m dragging.

So, I’m sitting here looking out my window at the mountains (yes, I have a great view here) thinking what should I do to combat being tired? I’m not in the mood to chat - which is what I do for a living – and just plain cranky. I went on Facebook for a few minutes – stalling my day - and now I thought why not write about it. We all have cranky days, days that we need to spend recovering and re-energizing ourselves. Sometimes it’s best to embrace the crankiness and run with it. It’s like yelling a good old expletive when I hurt myself – it just makes me feel good to whine a bit when I’m this tapped out!