Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Take me off!

We send out an email list almost monthly. The list is taken from our database of candidates and clients we've talked to. We don’t buy lists we don’t send out spam. If you've sent us a resume or have corresponded with us, that is how we got your email address. We keep great records and we know when you want off our newsletter.  Each time we send out TAGBits we get a report on who wants off and we make a note in your file and take your email address off the list.

Understandably we all get too much email, but it’s not very forward thinking to have us take you off the list. You’re better off just deleting our emails and letting us think you’re reading them. When working with a recruiter you want to nurture a relationship not cut it off.  Who do you think gets called first for a job? It’s not just the person that fits well, it’s the person who has kept in touch, who occasionally reads our emails and responds.  We champion the people we like.  Yes, playing favorites is part of the game so think and act like a favorite.