Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why a Splitworld

Welcome to my Blog!

I'm Heidi McLeod and I work at The Ankenbrandt Group for Dave, he's my Dad - but more of that later. I decided to call the blog Splitworld after chatting with Deanna, one of our recruiters, over lunch about my fun and crazy kids. Both the boys like to "potty talk". I was commenting how hilarious they are even though I have to act like it's not funny, more like a huge sin, and how the little girls don’t potty talk like the boys. What a difference gender makes. The difference between boys and girls is huge and the difference between the executives we work with and my kids at home is even greater.

So, my world is split between the hilarious potty talking 2 and 5 year olds at home, to the savvy and smart executives negotiating their way through corporate America. Sometimes they are a lot alike and sometimes not so much.
This blog will focus on 
work but with the occasional side note about my very funny little dudes.

 – H .

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