Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just Do It

Whew – I have been thinking about this for weeks now and it’s time to put pen to paper.

Shut up and just do it.

Please quit telling me how you are going to lose weight, quit smoking, exercise, or cut back on whatever bad thing you are doing right now. It’s time to just do it – go for it. Don’t wait until after Memorial Day to start that new diet, to walk a few blocks or put out the cigarette -- start NOW.

I read a great article in Oprah’s January edition of her magazine called Escape your Rat Race by Martha Beck. This article was all about making changes, even little ones, to make your life better. I highly recommend everyone getting a copy of the article. So, anyhow here goes my version: Think before you take another bite of that cookie, think, before you decide not to go to the gym, think, before you buy another pack of cigarettes or do anything else “naughty” THINK. Think about the positive choice and quit doing the thing you don’t want to do. Get it? THINK and then go with the good and with the change. In the end the good thing will make you feel better.

So, if you can’t just do it then please quit telling me what you are going to do but, sadly -- never do. I’m getting cranky listening to all endless chatter about all you’re planning on doing. 

ACTIONS do speak louder than WORDS. Think action and quit being so wordy. 


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