Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tips from Bill "The Old School HR Guy"

Advice on how to manage Millennials from Bill M. the “Old School HR Guy”. Bill comes off super old school but then has some amazing nuggets of advice for the future generation. Seriously, this is some good advice -

1. Millennials want a defined career path. Hope for the future. Outline that for them and give them goals to meet.

2. If you are reviewing them praise them a lot and give only one (1) negative. Yup, limit yourself please. If you give too many negatives they dwell on that instead of the positive.

3. Make work a fun place – they want fun at work. Put in a pool table or a ping pong table for them to blow off some steam and let them socialize a bit. They like work to be social.

4. Speaking of being social, you need to plan employee activities outside of the office for them to do after work or at lunch. They love free lunch, drinks out and fun bonding activities. 

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