Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Networking at an Event

Here is a great article about networking from the TAG archives. I have some great old articles from TAGBits hanging around in our files!

Networking At An Event
Body language -- Don’t fold your hands in front of you. Keep your hands at your sides so when you’re ready to meet someone you can extend your hand quickly.

Ops? Where’s my card? Business cards -- carry lots of them and keep them in an easily accessible pocket. Like your left pocket. Shake with your right hand pass the business card with your left hand.

Keep your name tag on the right side of your body so when you shake hands it’s visible. If you’re eating and networking put your food in your left hand.

The obvious – the handshake. Have an effective handshake. Don’t give a “bone-crusher" handshake – ouch - and why bother shaking hands if you’re a "limp fish." If you don’t have a good handshake find a good friend and practice.

Bored with all the chit chat? Remember always listen with interest even if it is boring. Be polite. The person you’re speaking with may not be your next client but could be your next great lead.

Building --- Remember networking is about building relationships and building takes time. Follow up with the people you’ve talked with – but please, not with one of those typical after the conference “form” letters or emails! Maybe catch them on LinkedIn and being a dialoge after the networking event.

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