Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Next Level

Taking it to the next level.

Ever meet someone who takes everything to the next level but not in a good way? This person is the worry wart, the pessimist, the “what if?”, and “what scenarios should we play out – just in case” person.

Why go there? Why not assume the positive will happen, that things will go well? The disagreement was just that, don’t escalate it. Your health will be restored, don’t go to a bad place or think too extreme. The kids will behave, they are good kids. Let’s just focus on the positive and assume that everyone, most of the time, means well.

I realize life is not always rosy but if we have faith that most people are acting in good faith and with goodwill I bet things will get easier for everyone. So you. grumpy person, quit picking fights, quit worrying, quit thinking it’s all bad. Try to focus on the good, assume people are good and take it to a good level! We need a bit more positive attitude out there these days!

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