Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm a Recruiter, Not a Computer

We keep on receiving what we call “marketing resumes". What is a marketing resume? It’s a shortened version of a candidate’s history that is written for a computer -- just in case they are scanned and never get seen by human eyes. The resumes usually look good, they give some information but they are not what a recruiter wants. Keep in mind they are useful and have a purpose but send those marketing resumes to the databases and large companies who want them. I am not a computer, I’m a recruiter! I do not scan for key words. When I recruit someone I actually read their resume. So, when you are approached by a recruiter and asked for a resume please, please send us a real “old fashioned” resume.

Now, don’t go dig out granny’s typewriter. We expect them to arrive in an acceptable format like Word. I still like them to look good and read well. I also like a chronological resumes with things like titles, dates of employment in chronological order, what you did there, where you went to school, your address, phone and email. We do not want a mishmash of information that I have to figure out and piece together. I already have to dig through your background. For example - and keeping in mind I’ve been watching Jurassic Park too much due to my 3 year olds obsession with dinos – picture a paleontologist digging up fossils. They don’t need anyone else dumping layers of dirt on top of what they already need to dig up. They aren't bringing in the dump truck full of dirt to spill all over the bones so they can spend more time in the dirt. Think minimal digging, keep it simple.

So help us out – send a solid, well written, looking good resume. Keep your marketing resume for the job boards, networking events and throwing it at some huge corporation’s computer to scan. Send me (the human) the readable resume, the one my client wants to see. When we recruit you, we really do want you to get the job!

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