Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Multi-Tasking Mommy

I am attempting to refine my multi-tasking/organization skills because....

School started! The mommy in me has had to get extra crazy disciplined and refine my multi-tasking and organization skills. It’s amazing how much I can get done, not always as quickly as I wish, but I get it done. A few things that have helped me out:

Plan the family dinners. If you have a weekly plan it makes each night easier. Plus, it makes shopping easier.

Pack lunch ahead of time and lay down the law. What I mean by that - If the kid doesn’t tell you what he wants when you’ve given two choices - he gets what you give him – no exceptions, no substitutions. What is the old saying, “You get what you get, don’t put up a fit.”

Homework must be done soon after school – before football! Get it over with.

Highlight each family member’s schedule on the main calendar in different colors. It helps everyone know who is doing what and where they are headed to next.

Return all important email, calls and mail immediately. The more you put it off the more it seems to stack up.

Delete all unimportant emails and voicemails immediately. Don’t let your in-box clog up. This includes mail – throw out everything you don’t need and sort it before you get into the house – i.e. sort it into the trash bin. Keep the bills (although you should be on-line by now with all that) and invites.

Whew – then relax for a few minutes before you need to GET BACK TO WORK!

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