Thursday, February 25, 2010

Think 3

Think 3.

My three year old doesn’t know he can’t do stuff; he doesn’t know he’s too young, inexperienced or small to try. He rips it up on his razor every morning going to school chasing after my 6 year old and our 7 year old neighbor. He can jump the curb, do “babies” which is sitting on the razor while flying down the sidewalk and then hopping back up again; he can balance on one foot. It’s amazing and we get stopped daily about his skills. So, why am I talking about this?
Think like 3. 

Quit telling yourself you’re too old, too tired, too slow, and too embarrassed to try. Go for it – act like my three year old and just go for it. Attack that project you think you can’t do, jump in with enthusiasm and go for it, quit holding back and just try it. As any kid will tell you, sometimes you fall down, sometimes you skin your knee, but eventually you do get up and do it again and do it right.

Be 3.

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